Greek Key Jewelry Pouch

Greek Key Jewelry Pouches

This pouch has a chic look in our Greek key Pattern with a pink cushion. These stylish pouches are perfect to store your jewelry for all your occasions. These gemvelopes are unique gifts to give. They are  convenient  to store your jewelry .You will find a pink cushion inside to hold your earrings in place, a strap for rings and necklaces, and a pocket for bracelets.  The pouch has a clasp and a snap closure.

Original gemvelope-$24.99 Size-5in.x5in Closed

Tote size 7.5in.x7.5in Closed. Larger 5 zippered pockets $38.00

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Open pouch has a pink cushion which holds your stud earrings.

Original size

Tote sized Black Nylon Jewelry Pouches