Blue Nylon Jewelry Pouch

Blue Nylon Jewelry Pouches

Blue Nylon Gemvelope:

Product Details:

Water resistant, and durable fabric, ideal for any beach-goer or sports enthusiast

1 large blue center cushion for earrings to poke through

1 long strap to hold necklaces, rings, and watches

1 center pocket with elevated edges for bracelets, hoops, and bangles

4 folding petals to keep your jewelry safe

  1. Clasp closure with a magnetic snap

  2. 5”x”5” closed

  3. $28.00

Product description:

This brilliant aquamarine blue gemvelope will be the bright pop of color that the inside of your bag is lacking. Its bold nature will help you to find it quickly, and easily. Its durable material will keep it out of harms way. Whether it’s in the depths of a diaper bag, or in danger from getting splashed by a wave, this gemvelope will never falter to keep your gems safe.  These stylish pouches are perfect to store your jewelry for all your occasions, and are unique gifts to give.

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